Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Berserkergang EP Out This Week!

I told you I would keep you updated on F.O.O.L.'s upcoming EP and I am planning to stick to my word. The EP contains the original mix by F.O.O.L featuring vocals by A Girl & A Gun (you know that girl from Georgia, USA that somehow has been a part of sick tracks with producers like Belzebass, Gigi Barocco and Sawgood who have an appetite for her vocals), as well as remixes by Calis, Drivepilot, Beef Theater, Noize Generation and Owl Vision. This EP is dropping this Friday the 20th on Meet Me At Night Recordings, a growing label from Austria.

At the bottom of the post you will be able to preview the whole EP, which is an overall great compilation; however, I would like to first direct you to what many will agree is the best track on the EP. This is not the first time we mention Johaness Arnesson, AKA Owl Vision, on this blog and surely won't be the last. For three years now this Swedish producer has been making our skulls hurt (sampler and drum machine in hand) with his personal take on Death Electro. Check out one of his best remixes so far, one that he is sharing with us before its official release date.

F.O.O.L - Berserkergang (Owl Vision Remix) by Owl Vision

OK, now you can go ahead and listed to the full EP Teaser and wait for Friday to purchase it:

Berserkergang EP Teaser by FuckOurOrdinaryLives

HUGE Bonus!

This is the teaser for F.O.O.L.'s upcoming remix of Fuck Yeah by Canadian/Portlander?!?!? Drivepilot. Hard, HArd, HARd, HARD! with a bit of 8bit, we will be updating you on this one. (Check out our upcoming post on Drivepilot)

Drivepilot - Fuck Yeah! (F.O.O.L Remix Preview) by FuckOurOrdinaryLives

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