Friday, August 13, 2010

I ♥ LA

Okay so this is a post where I essentially am going to brag about the amount of phenomenal music that is and has been thrown down this week in Los Angeles. Between last Saturday 8/7 and this Saturday 8/14 I will have seen some of my favorite artist on the mutha fucking planet. If you want some idea of the mayhem and lack of sleep that has accompanied this past week of ridiculousness please look at the lineup for Hard Summer. After that epic all nighter add the fact SonicC & Autoerotique played Dim Mak Tuesdays, Wolfgang Gartner, Harvard Bass, Skrillex and Valerna are playing Control tonight at the Avalon, then we have the Mad Decent/Diesel/Jelly Block Party Saturday afternoon with acts like Gaslamp Killer, Nosaj Thing, Theophilus London, Maluca, Ninjasonik and more FO' FREE and then finally Party Smartie, KRFTKDS & Many more are playing this Saturday night. If that isn't enough debauchery and excitement for one week, then you NEED to tell me where you live, That right Ibiza  and Pukkelpop, I think you just got dominated.
So I officially had the time of my life at Hard Summer, great venue, AMAZING LINE-UP and surprisingly mature, cool and knowledgeable crowd which is always a plus considering the amount of tragedy that unfolded at electronic music events this summer. Hard is truly a one of a kind music festival that has transformed from an hip underground dance event, like the Justice show on NYE 2006/07 to world-class music festival. It seems like every event since their first has gotten progressively better (with the exception of Hard Summer 09, of course). This summers Hard festival was probably the best I have attended not only musically but just in terms of preparation and smoothness of the event, AKA you could actually get drinks in a reasonable time frame unlike other Hard events. I was thinking about how they could ever step-up this event as I was writing this post and then a Hard Presents email popped up in my inbox announcing the line-up to Hard Haunted Mansion 2010 and all I can say is WOW! Look to the left of the text, FUCK ME,  that is one of the best Hard Lineups period and includes essentially every world touring electro artist I love that didn't make it out to LA this summer including: Mr. Oizo, BBR, Crookers, SebastiAn, Fake Blood and so much more. This announcement caps off what already has and continues to be THE BEST WEEK FOR LA ELECTRONIC MUSIC I have ever had the privilege to be part of. 
Don't Belive me, Check out some of these tracks below and see the glory that I witnessed live over the past 7 days. First up we have a new remix from Proxy of Congorock's killer Babylon, thanks to Technocolorkids for this set rip, sorry it is kinda a shitty set rip but trust me, I saw proxy drop this live at Hard Summer and it was pure destruction. Also, we got a couple tracks from Skream, all the hype form Hard Summer surrounded Soulwax (live), Digitalism, Tiga, Proxy, Erol Alkan and Major Lazer; and that is for very good reason, those fools absolutely killed it but one of my favorite sets of the day was Skream and Benga. Check out Skream's tracks WTF, like Cockney Thug but mo' gangsta, I think I lost my my voice from S(K)REAMING, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU LOOKING AT?, at 6:00 in the afternoon! I was by myself because my friends are lazy and didn't show up till like 7:00, I don't think many people had heard the song before so the first time I screamed it everyone around me thought I was insane .

Skream - WTF *Gotta scream this one out loud in the car!

Yes, this is happening tonight. This could pretty much be my selection of my favorite American electro producers minus maybe SonicC, Squeak E Clean, KRFTKDS and Diplo all of which I have seen or will see in the past week! I mean there are alot more very tallented U.S. producer like the east coast and dubstep contingent of Hot Pink Delorian, Drop the Lime, NiT GriT, Bassnectar, Designer Drugs, AC Slater,  and many awesome others. All I am trying to say is that tonight is gonna be pretty huge and if you are anywhere near LA tonight you should most definitely head to Control at the Avalon. Here's some tracks. 
Sorry their is no Wolfgang, but you should know Mr. Youngman (Wolfgang Gartner) that you are know my officially my favorite Rave/Tech/Prog House producer now that the Mau5 had a bitch-out and snitched on Rusko for smoking weed backstage at a show (hop over to their respective Twitters to see the whole saga unfold, go back to around July 17th). Sorry Joel (DeadMau5) I like your label and your music but I agree with Rusko, SNITCHES GET STITCHES. Esspecially if you rat on someone for smoking dope (harmless, never killed anyone) when a large part of your fame comes from kids that only like your music cause they have had a face full of Ecstasy (killed a 15 year old at EDC). Enough talk just tracks from some of tonights talent. 

Clockwork - Airflow (Valerna Remix) *Thanks to Gotta Dance Dirty and Chemical Jump for this nugget.

Okay so KRFTKDS are playing tonight in East LA and I'm sorry that I can't make that show but Control is closer and I just can't miss that lineup. But tomorrow, after you all hit up the FREE, FREE, FREE Block Party by Mad Decent & Jelly I highly recommend you stay downtown at watch those KRAFTYKIDS present a show featuring Austrian sensations Party Smartie and others including: Blah Blah Blah, Fat Pockets,  Grand Thieves, Love Weapon and one other artist who's name I can't read because the event has the worst flyer ever. Whatever though, Saturday sounds like another very long and awesome day here in the City of Angels. 
*Here's the scoop on the Downloads, the KRFTKDS orignial track is gonna be killed after 55 Downloads because they were already kind enough to give 100 copies away for free so if you slept then get it now before its gone forever. Also the Party Smartie track is amazing and free to Download here and on their soundcloud which you should check out, I was thinking of doing a full post on the electro scene in Vienna, Austria including artist like Pola Riot, The Integrals, Party Smartie and others, so let me know what you think world.

KRFTKDS (pronounced Krafty Kids, so ya know) - Rock All Night

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