Thursday, August 19, 2010

WET SHAKE Keeps it Dirty: Aerial-Infection

                                                  (Sick Video of WET SHAKE's 1st Anniversary Party)

So I've been digging more into the South Korean label Wetshake and the deeper I look, the better it gets. What I have for you now is yet another duo of producers with a taste for heavy dance beats, Aerial-Infection (DJ Mechro and DJ O). Unlike the aforementioned TheRiotz! (The pair of DJH@=ANee and DJ Palpitation), Aerial-Infection's songs tend to reach out for greater atmosphere with lighter synths and longer build ups. This isn't to say there isn't enough distortion to shake your windows out of their frames. Dudes keep it hard and they take it straight to your dome. I don't really need to prove my point, I mean one of the songs off their first EP is just called "Rough". I've got my favorites of their collection up for you guys to check out. Including "Rough", they did a killer remix of Wolfgang Gartner's "Latin Fever" that is unmissable (It was a finalist in the Latin Fever Remix Competition) and the strait banger also off their "EP.001" called "Whrer is My Money". All of them are great and if you like these tracks check out their soundcloud where you can get their other songs for free because they're just G'd up like that. Be sure to check back, as we'll be keeping a close watch for new hits coming out from Wet Shake.

Aerial-Infection - Rough*****

Wolfgang Gartner - Latin Fever (Aerial-Infection Remix)****

Aerial-Infection - Whrer is My Money***

Speaking of TheRiotz! and new hits, the boys just dropped an ill remix of the classic Tiga track "Mind Dimension". Check it out.
Tiga - Mind Dimension (TheRiotz! Remix)

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