Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rosso Corsa Records

Are you a fan of 80's sports cars and sexy girls? I'm talking about red Testarossas, maybe a Countach or two and platinum blonde South Beach hotties in high-waisted 80s bikinis. Well the boys over at Rosso Corsa Records do and so do I but if you don't, hopefully this post will help you long for the revival of 80s decadence as much as TCHNCRCY and Rosso Corsa do. 

Rosso Corsa is a Record label founded by producers/songwriters/djs and good friends Lazerhawk and Miami Nights/Actraiser in 2009 (more on these two below). The label is named after the infamous red all Italian racing teams paint their cars. Meaning "Racing Red" Rosso Corsa is forever tied to Itatian sports racing culture, much how British racing green is synonymous with early Jaguars or Blue de France conjures up images of Peugeot 905s. To me Rosso Corsa is the only appropriate color for an Italian sports car, especially a Testarossa who's name means "Red Head" in Italian. Rosso Corsa Records states on their myspace that they are based Milano, Italy but due to the fact that the two founders Miami Nights/Actraiser and Lazerhawk are based in British Columbia, Canada and Austin, Texas respectively, I suspect that Milan is only listed as the base for Rossa Corsa out of respect for legendary Italian automakers Lamborghini and Ferrari (Which were founded and are still based near the Italian city of Milano in Sant'Agata Bolognese and Maranello respectively). That is conjecture though. What is not conjecture is that Rosso Corsa is a fresh new label that is releasing awesome new tunes that are perfect for driving way too fast and chilling out on the beach all at the same time. With a lineup of 12 talented producers including the likes of Lazerhawk, Miami Nights 1984, Actraiser, Mitch Murder, Flash Worx, 80s Stallone, Action Jackson, D/A/D, Mr. Vector, MPM, Twilight Racing and Palm /i\ Highway Chase; Rosso Corsa Records have something for everyone who misses the 80s at least a little bit, check them out!

Forget Surkin being the son of Kavinsky, Lazerhawk is definitely my pick for the bastard son of electro house legend Kavinsky. If you have no idea what I am talking about Surkin once jokingly stated in an interview that Kavinsky was his father (sorry I can't find a video of the interview, if you have a link plz post it in the comments section).
All jokes aside Co-Rosso Recs founder Lazerhawk has a style that is scarily reminiscent of the Kavinsky sound we all know and love. If you like Nightcall or the Teddy Boy EP and are looking for something slightly darker, than Lazerhawk is your answer. His debut LP "Redline" is also the debut release for Rosso Corsa Recs and it is an absolute banger, grab a little taste of "Redline" below and also check out Lazerhawks mix of L.A. based group and Binary Records artist LexiconDon. Don't forget to grab all of "Redline", Lazerhawks debut album, out now on iTunes

Lazerhawk - Overdrive
Lazerhawk - Dream Machine
LexiconDon - December Sunset (Lazerhawk Remix)
*All above tracks are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Miami Nights 1984/ActRaiser
Hailing from Victoria on Vancouver Island in Canada this multitalented 28 year old producer is also a co-founder of Rosso Recs. Clearly running a record company is not enough of a challenge for this all around busy man who also has two music projects Miami Nights and ActRaiser. In his own words he describes his music projects "Miami Nights tries to embody the soft warm feeling of an 80s John Hughes film while capturing more of a dark soundtrack style like Tangerine Dream with his Actraiser persona." I'm not even sure I even know what that means but Miami Nights provides revamped epic 80s disco soundtracks that are way too cool for school. As well as having a undisclosed movie soundtrack in progress, Miami Nights recently released his debut LP "Early Summer" on Rosso Corsa, check it out a preview of the title track below and if you like grab the whole thing over at iTunes here. ActRaiser is M.N. 1984s slightly darker side and I love it! Check out his track "Resurrected Streets" which is spooky and very dope. 
Early Summer by MIAMI NIGHTS 1984

ActRaiser - Resurrected Streets *Highly Recomended

Rosso Corsa
So after such a strong start for the young label, what is next for Rosso. Well, a The Rosso Corsa Compilation CD is coming soon and will include tracks from the whole RC family. Check out some tracks from other Rosso producer and get a little taste of what Rosso Corsa has in store for you.

Twilight Racing - Boost Control
Twilight Racing -Thrillgear
80s Stallone - Nighthawks
Futurecop! - Karate (Flashworx Remix)

Bonus - We have a track from the vaults for this post only because it matches this post so perfectly. A friend of my who went by the name of Kid a year ago produced this fun little track "In My Ferrari" last summer. Check it out, fits the post perfectly and if you like head over to iTunes and grab the remix of "In My Ferrari" and support a very cool indie label, SeaYou Recs, and a good friend of mine, Kid, and get a great track all at once.

Kid - In My Ferrari

If you don't know Kid he produced 8-Bit infused Disco-House and had releases on Kitsuné and SeaYou records and worked with 8-bit enthusiasts like Unicorn Kid. Unfortunately the musical project know as kid has been abandoned and Zach the mastermind behind Kid has moved on to a new Chillwave project called Tidal Wave. If you are in the mood for some great mellow music I definitely recommend you check him out.

Bonus Video - In case this post packed full of 80s love hasn't quenched your thirst for all things 80s, check out the video below by Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto. The video shows the date and location of every known nuclear detonation from 1945-1998 in chronological order. The video uses distinctly O.G. Atari graphics with 80s, almost Kraftwork like sounds. Check it out very cool and VERY POWERFUL video, the end alone that shows all nuclear blast areas simultaneously is fucking crazy, goodbye South-Western America.

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