Friday, August 6, 2010

FCKN CREW: Remix Contest and More

The French duo, FCKN CREW,has recently received lots of attention due to the Discoke remix contest going on at the moment, this of course is perfectly fair given how sick some of the competing remixes are (KRFTKDS, The Riotz, Slayertrash, The Boomzers, you get the idea). Their upcoming release will be an EP featuring the winner from the remix contest. Here are both the original and one of my favorite remixes:

*** (can't truly appreciate any of the remixes without hearing the original first)
FUKN CREW-Discoke (The Mastertrons Remix)******* (you know The Mastertrons and you know it will be a close race)

But lets give some well deserved credit to the creators of the original track, and to be more precise the creators of MANY sick original tracks. If you didn't know and by some reason it slipped under your radar, back in 2008 the duo from Bastia put out an LP titled Class of Nuke'Em High featuring remixes by Toxic Avenger and Deadbots (named after a 1989 movie about teenagers acting crazy because they do drugs that became radioactive by being exposed to the local power plant... don't know what to expect, but I would watch that). So if you are looking for some old new music get the album while you wait for the latest EP to drop (I wouldn't bring up something from so long ago if it wasn't worth it).

FCKN CREW-Carnage (Deadbots Remix)
FCKN CREW-Challenger***** Darth Vader is talking to you

And of course this sick remix:

Les Petit Pilous-Housi (FCKN CREW Remix)*****

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