Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hungry for More Hungary

So I dropped you guys a track a bit ago remixed by a Hungarian guy going by the name Dave Scorp. If your like me, then you had to have more and I'm here to provide. He's released off what seems to be a mostly minimal indie label by the name of Twister Tunes, which is surprising to me considering how hard his music is. He's done some dirty, dirty remixes that I can't in clear conscience not share to you all, so check them out. The one I recommend the most is his "Skinny Bitch" remix, just because of how wonderfully hard the synths are and how well the samples work together. But I would also recommend his Katy Perry remix for the sole reason that he twisted it up with these great wobbles that don't make the song sound like fidget, instead just leaving a solid electro track to bounce to. I'm a big fan and I'll definitely be keeping my eye on this fool.

 Katy Perry - I Kissed a Girl (Dave Scorp's Troubled Remix) (320 kbps)***
  Blumenkraft - Skinny Bitch (Dave Scorp Remix) by Dave Scorp 
  Röyksopp - Tricky Tricky (Dave Scorp Remix) by Dave Scorp 

  Dave Scorp - I See Dead Celebrities by Dave Scorp   -Massive Bonus Points for a South Park Sample!

Also check out his newest remix of Dutch House producer Fredde Le Grand. Super Filthy!
  Fedde Le Grand - Rockin' High (Dave Scorp Remix) by Dave Scorp

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