Monday, August 16, 2010

Aerotronic's OMGITM Supermix

Okay so good friends of the blog Aerotronic sent us their mix for Oh! My God It's Techno Music, UK based label, artist promoter and overpriced clothing company. Just kidding OMGITM, I mean your clothes are overpriced but still very cool and you should definitely buy some if you have the cash, want to support a tight label and look gangsta on the dancefloor at the same time. Enough about OMGITM though lets talk about the fantastic Belgium trio Aerotronic. They sent us this mix a week or maybe more ago and while the whole world blogged it we slept on it. Don't ask me why, this mix is currently the only CD in my car because it basically my top electro hits list for this and last month plus a bunch of unreleased exclusives all mixed together flawlessly. I definitely suggest you grab the full mix and listen to it all day and all night. If you think you are too cool for that then at least you have to check out Shinichi Osawa and more bangin Belgians, the Subs' new track "Bring Back That Noise" as well as Aerotronic's unreleased remix of Italians, The Boomzers unreleased track "WTF" on Aerotronic's soundcloud or below.

01. Daft Punk - On/Off
02. The Subs - Vomit In Style (VNNR Remix)
03. Shaved Monkeys - Get Rough (Aerotronic Remix)
04. Rawfare - Floor Luv (Keatch Remix)
05. Blatta & Inesha - Pet Message (LaTourette Remix)
06. Blende - Urh!
07. Clash The Disko Kids - Transcient (Modek Remix)
08. Eclier - The Hole (Marseille Remix)
09. Bart B More - Brap
11. X-ettl - Jetgum
12. Aerotronic - Sex & Cigarettes (Waxdolls Remix)
13. Tom Deluxx - Run (Aerotronic Remix)
14. Altern 8 - Frequency (Aerotronic Remix)
15. The Boomzers - WTF (Aerotronic Remix) *Starts @ 46:46 in the mix, AMAZING!
17. Proxy - Vibrate (Noob Remix)
18. Rotze - Lowlife (+ Dyebox Remix)
19. Huoratron - Corporate Occult
Bonus- I seriously don't think I can wait for The Boomzers' DEBUT, DEBUT, DEBUT EP "WTF". If Aerotronic's mix is any indication, this EP is going to be seriously dope and with remixes by the likes of Ikki, Haezer, and Underhall as well as the original I can't foresee this being anything less than a MONSTER! In the meanwhile get you can get yourself acquainted with the fabulous Italian duo known as The Boomzers below or by heading over to their souncloud and myspace.

666 - Alarma (The Boomzers Remix)

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