Saturday, August 28, 2010

Portland's Hardest: Drivepilot

We all here at TCHNCRCY Music are thrilled to post on a sick producer from Portland, Oregon; we have grown fond of the city and love to see the quality of its music scene improving and it moving in the right direction (if you are from Portland or have visited you might have noticed that there is talent indeed, but some trends survive for too long and become engraved in the social-fabric sort of ruining it for everyone else who for example doesn't really feel like listening to beat-poets go on masturbatory rants about their awkward first sexual experience before a metal band). But just when you start losing hope there is always that little ray of sunshine that makes everything OK; and this time there is a fucking supernova obliterating the shit out of your hopelessness. Portlanders be proud, here is Drivepilot.

This talented artist started remixing names such as Daft Punk, Peaches, F.O.O.L., Huoratron and Fuckkk Offf not too long ago in early 2009 and we are surprised it took us this long to bring him to your attention. Recently he did a filthy remix for F.O.O.L's Berserkergang EP, which shines with his own hard electro style and makes great use of that filthy synth we all, Bloody Beetroots fans, like so much:

F.O.O.L - Berserkergang (ft. A Girl And A Gun) (Drivepilot Remix) by DRIVEPILOT

Drivepilot is also the co-founder of Traction Records, a fairly new label also from Portland, through which he put out his banging Savages EP (2010). We will keep an eye on this label to let you know about coming releases (if Drivepilot's EP is any indication of the quality they intend to maintain with their releases rest assure this Oregonian label will be able to stand its ground against its counterparts around the world).

The Savages EP is to date the best release of this young Record Label from Portland, OR (ahem..they have only two releases, but still). I would highly recommend heading over to his soundcloud page to preview the entire thing, but in case you are skeptical of our opinion (asshole) below you will find three of our favorite tracks. Savages Pt. 1 and Savages Pt. 2 are both huge tracks. If you are a fan of distortion, heavy bass, both together, electro and used to (or do still) have a thing for metal, these tracks will definitely make you want to break some bricks with your head. And of course we cannot mention this EP without recommending Mega Shark. What does it sound like? oddly enough the title of the track describes it fairly well: it is a huge killer track that seems to have an appetite to devour all those that can't "stay put" when good hard-electro is playing. Do yourself a favor and press play:

Drivepilot - Savages pt.1 (Original Mix) by DRIVEPILOT

Drivepilot - Savages pt.2 (Original Mix) by DRIVEPILOT

Drivepilot - Mega Shark (Original Mix) by DRIVEPILOT

If you agree with us and think that EP was sick, be prepared because the future of this producer is looking brighter and brighter. Go to his Soundcloud page to check out a bunch of unreleased tracks that are pure punishment.

Do NOT miss the track below, FUCK YEAH! it is hard, and really shows the metal influences this guy has in his background, as well as a tiny tiny bit of 8bit (maybe I am just hearing that part though). Listen to it and make up your own mind:

Drivepilot - FUCK YEAH! (Original Mix) by DRIVEPILOT

And finally I leave you with what will be one of Traction Records upcoming releases. Devils From Milan is a bit slower than the sick tracks above but still a great composition. The bass in this one (at the beginning at least) makes me want to say we are listening to a Justice fan:

Drivepilot - Devils in Milan (Original Mix) by DRIVEPILOT

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