Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dirty, Dirty Italians

*"Get Your Kitty Right Up There Close" --- Blatta & Inesha from Pet Massage

After a string of great releases in the past week from some of the most talented producers Italia has to offer, I decided a post was well overdue. Check out the finest tracks the past week of Italian music has to offer.

Everything about Blatta & Inesha entertains me. From their blog blattainesha.com to their orginal productions and remixes, I can't get over their raw talent and fantastic sense of humor. Today they dropped "Pet Massage" on New York based label Crux Records and it is no exception, blending stiff drum rhythms with interesting leads and bridges and dropping some serious bassline synths, "Pet Massage" is not a track that you should miss.
Churning out bassline crushers for over 2 years now and Crux Records has really come into it's own in the past few months with a chain of releases from the likes of the Shaved Moneys, Oddword, DJ Antention and Sawgood and a slighter older catalog of releases for artists like Mustard Pimp, Gigi Barocco, Stereoheros and Ajapai, and many many more. This NY label has quickly become one of the most consistently bangin' record labels in the business. Check out the whole "Pet Massage EP" below and grab the Elektropusher Remix of the new track. Follow the links in the Soundcloud player to purchase these fantastic tracks

Blatta & Inesha - Pet Massage (Elektropusher Remix)

Milano locals Reset! get mad respect from all of us here at TCHNCRCY. From their disgustingly amazing O.G. track Gasa, to all of thier remixes, I have way too much love for this fantastically talented Italian Crew. They recently dropped a new remix of the colab between english big beat legend Fatboy Slim and Cheap Thrill's record mogul and multi-aliased producer best know as Hervé. This remix is a yet another banger form one of the few production trios in the business (Give Me A Kiss being the only other I really know). Also, If you are lucky enough to make it out the the dance capital of the world, Ibiza, Spain this October make sure you don't miss Reset! playing a set with the one and only Club 75 at Pachà on October 1st. Going to Ibiza has always been a dream of mine and seeing this much talent on one stage is more like a nightmare for all of those us that are not attending. Be sure to catch Reset! with Club 75 if you are anywhere near Ibiza in two months and see the most producers, let alone tallent, behind one CDJ of anywhere in the world.

Fatboy Slim & Hervé - Machines Can Do The Work (Reset! Remix)

Okay, so I feel like I probably should have done this a while as we have ago but due to the fact that these tracks haven't been leaked, blogged or hyped until very recently so I felt bad letting the public in on this little secret. Well here it is, the Verona duo The Mastertrons' new EP titled "Revenge Is Coming" and boy oh boy folks, THIS SHIT ROCKS. This debut EP from The Mastertrons dropped last Thursday and I am honestly shocked at the lack of exposure it has received. This EP is fucking fantastic! All of the original tracks are complete destroyers and highly, HIGHLY recomended by this blog. Also, I absolutely love the Remixes by Elektroy, Venooms, and Modek; though the mixes by Frag Maddin, Super Super, and Marvul are also very solid and definitely worth a listen. All in all this is a massive release from The Mastertrons and Traktor Records sub-label Mähtrasher. If you don't trust me give the tracks below a listen, they're my top picks off a fantastic EP and then pick them up for yourselves over at Gigacrate for less then $10 or your favorite digital music store (except for beatport which doesn't offer the EP for some strange reason).

Mähtrasher Bonus - Okay, so I know that Markus Lange and Stereofunk, and the label Mähtrasher that they released their new single "Dr. Manhattan" on are all German and not Italian. But when give this new track by these two hard working and hard hitting German producers a listen I am sure you will see some similarities between "Dr. Manhattan" and the filthy, durty Italian sound pioneered by producers like Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo. Markus Lange and Sterofunk's new dominating-synth driven anthem will surely draw comparison to the 2009 rave anthem Warp 1.9 by The Bloody Beetroots, so if you are a fan of fist pumping, rave-moshing and roaring synths then check out the new single "Dr. Manhattan". The single also comes with remixes by the likes of Traktor/Mähtrasher don, aUtOdiDakT who delivers a much darker yet still undeniably funky/dancey interpretation of the track, as well as SCNDL's old-school electro influenced rework and Prozac Polka's low-end dominating remix. Grab the original version of "Dr. Manhattan" below, kindly provided by Mähtrasher Records and then jump over to beatport to check out all the fantastic remixes of the massive new track.

Markus Lange & Stereofunk - Dr. Manhattan ≈Germanys answer to Sir Bob

Crux Bonus - Okay well, Shax isn't really from Italy either so they couldn't technically make the Italian post and get filed under the bonus section... But when you are from the smallest country in the world known as Vatican City: the Holy See. Since Shax is from a country that rests entirely within the Italian city of Rome and might even be from rome only claiming the Vatican as home (Please comment if you know) and the title of his new track is "I Get Dirty", I would say it is safe to include him in an Dirty Italia Post.
If you need more proof of my above statement that Crux Records has consistently churning out straight  bangers for the past few months look no further than Shax's new single "I Get Dirty" which Crux also released today on top of "Pet Massage". This new release from the fabulous NY Label is Electro Punk at it's very finest. Grab The Mastertrons remix of the new single "I Get Dirty" and make sure you swing by beatport at least to grab the phenomenal original but also to check out more remixes by the likes of Doc Trashz, The Boomzers, and Flatland Funk, all of which are great.
*Trust me, I saved the dirtiest, dirty (pseudo-)Italian for last.

Shax - I Get Dirty (The Mastertrons)

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